Being Girl – Getting the Puberty Conversation Started

Being Girl Event in Toronto – August 2013

Last week, Wendy and I were invited to attend Proctor and Gamble’s Being Girl event in Toronto with our tween daughters. The event was co-hosted by writer Kathy Buckworth and actress Melinda Shankar. It was designed to celebrate the recent launch of the BeingGirl website, and to bring moms and their tween daughters together to help get the puberty conversation started.

Kathy Buckworth is the mom of four kids and the author of six books, including “I Am So The Boss of You: An 8 Step Guide to Giving Your Family The Business.” She sat down with the moms in attendance to talk to us about what topics we find difficult to discuss with our daughters, and encouraged us to share what has worked well for us.

Melinda Shankar, a Canadian actress from Degrassi: The Next Generation gathered the girls together to discuss who they go to talk to about puberty-related issues and asked them how they would like their moms to handle these kinds of conversations.

Melinda ShankarMelinda was warm and down-to-earth with the girls, and got them to open up about having “the talk” with their parents. Most agreed that they wanted to be able to talk to their mom about all the things associated with growing up, including getting their periods, but they didn’t want to be forced into a conversation. They wanted to discuss things when they were ready to talk.

Kathy shared some good tips for moms on making these conversations easier, including the benefits of talking while driving – your daughter doesn’t have to make eye contact while your eyes are on the road, and this can make these types of talks much less stressful for both parents and daughters.

Later, the girls and moms had a chance to go around to different interactive displays to learn more about such things as shaving, deodorant, skin care, dental care and of course, getting your period. Information was presented in an informal and fun way that encouraged questions from both moms and daughters alike.

Being Girl event Toronto

At “The Spot” the girls watched a demonstration of how pads and tampons work, and it was great to see how comfortable some of them were as they discussed the pros and cons of each.

period talk being girl event

Moms and daughters each received a gift bag full of P&G products as they left, as well as a educational booklet for continuing the learning and conversations around puberty. I think most, if not all, moms and daughters that attended the Being Girl event left feeling more knowledgeable and better equipped to discuss puberty issues with each other in the future.

proctor and gamble products for girls

For answers to your puberty-related questions and tips on getting the conversation with your daughter started, be sure to check out the terrific resources for girls at and for moms (and dads) at



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